Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Gets iPads

JFK Airport Rotary Club Supports Stony Brook Children’s Hospital
with a contribution of IPADS presented on May 14, 2014

Left to right, back row: George Sauer (member, JFK Rotary Club), Frank McIntyre (president, JFK Rotary Club), and Ed Dougherty (treasurer, JFK Rotary Club).
Left to right, front row: staff of Stony Brook

About Stony Brook’s Children’s Hospital:

There’s one thing that every parent should know about Stony Brook Children’s: It offers the most advanced pediatric specialty care in the region. That means that the smallest babies, the sickest children, the most complex pediatric traumas all get sent to Stony Brook Children’s. With more than 140 pediatric specialists available, they offer a full range of medical services to support the physical, emotional and mental development of infants, children and teenagers. They also can provide leading-edge care for just about every diagnosis — from a simple fracture to a kidney transplant. And as an academic medical institution actively engaged in research, they offer families access to groundbreaking, and often lifesaving, clinical trials for their children. They invite you to learn more about the exceptional care Stony Brook Children’s provides for children and families on Long Island. Visit their web site @

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2014 JFK Runway Run

We had a great turnout of over 1,100 people at Sunday’s race! The weather was a bit chilly but the gorgeous sky and people’s excitement more than made up for it!

Please go to our event’s official site at Pictures will be posted. Announcements of their availability will be made on Facebook, Twitter, and our mailing list. So be sure to join any one of these if you’re interested.

Thanks to every single one of you that helped make this a success!

–The Race Committee

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