Where We Are

We are located within John F. Kennedy International Airport. The community we serve is JFK Airport and surrounding areas. The majority of our club activities take place within John F. Kennedy International Airport. JFK is located in the southeastern section of Queens County, New York City, on Jamaica Bay. It is fifteen miles by highway to midtown Manhattan. Geographic reference points are: 40 degrees 38” 28.5” north, 73 degrees 46” 41.9” west. Click here to see the map.

JFK consists of 4,930 acres, including 880 acres in the central passenger terminal area. The airport has more than 30 miles of roadways and is 12.7 feet above sea level. The runway system of JFK consists of two parallel runways: 4L-22R, 4R-22L, 13L-31R, and 13R-31L, aligned at right angles. Total of all runways combined is nearly 9 miles. Runway 13R-31L is 14,572 feet long by 150 feet wide, and the longest commercial runway in North America. This is the runway usually used for our annual 5K race.


Our general meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month as follows:

First Wednesday of each month we meet at:

The first Tuesday of every month is our dinner meeting at:
Crown Plaza JFK
138-10 135th Ave
Jamaica, NY 11436
(718) 530-1160

The third Wednesday of every month is our lunch meeting at:
Hilton Garden Inn JFK
148-18 134th St
Jamaica, NY 11430
(888) 370-0984

Any questions, contact us.