Who We Are

The Rotary Club of JFK International Airport is a member of the international service organization, Rotary International, with over 1.1 million members in 200 countries.

Since its charter in December, 1970, the Rotary Club of JFK International Airport has become one of JFK Airport’s leading local service organizations. It is comprised of local business, airline, and professional people who work within the JFK Airport community and share the same common principles, which have guided Rotarians throughout the world since Rotary’s founding in 1905. Rotary’s primary commitment to “Service Above Self” is practiced through the four avenues of service: vocational, international, community and to the club.

The Rotary Club of JFK International Airport, through the Gift of Life Program, which is a major program of Rotary International District 7250, sponsors terminally ill children from countries with limited medical and technological services, for life-saving heart operations. JFK Rotary members provide, meet, and assist these children at JFK Airport. In addition, the JFK Rotary Club assists other clubs of District 7250 who come to JFK for the same purpose by coordinating with the airlines and applicable agencies to ensure these Gift of Life Children are expeditiously moved through the airport.

The Rotary Club of JFK International Airport has sponsored over $40,000 in student scholarships for the children of employees from the JFK Airport Community. The annual 10K Race (the last one having been held on June 11, 2000) on the runways of JFK Airport was one of the club’s major fundraisers for this scholarship program. It has become an annual event for the JFK Rotary Club. In 2001 the race was changed to a 5K Race. Some of the highlights of the race are:

    • 1. It is the first race in the US that is held on a runway of a major International Airport.
    • 2. It receives direct support from the Port Authority of NY&NJ who coordinates all the logistics In preparing access to the runway on the day of the race.
    • 3. It is well known by the “Road Runners” community.
    • 4. In 2015 we had over 975 entries including members of the JFK Airport Community

For complete details about this annual event, go to www.JFKRunwayRun.org. There you will find more history, complete details and our photo archive of the participants over the years.

The Rotary Club of JFK International Airport sponsors an annual Christmas party for special needs children from the local public schools (including Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf) and is held at JFK Airport. Our recent party was hosted at the Jetblue Hangar 81 due to the generous donation of Jetblue. A few of the sponsors included Hudson News, OTG Management, Royal Waste Services, Airway, TD Bank, Berkley Cargo Services, and many other wonderful supporters.

For any further information or questions, contact us.

For more information about Rotary, see “About Rotary” or go to its official website at www.rotary.org.

The following is a complete list of JFK Rotary Club”s past presidents:

1 1970/1971 Mike Shiffrel
2 1971/1972 Bob Malaku
3 1972/1973 Paul Ramagila
4 1973/1974 Jack Birch
5 1974/1975 Stan Becker
6 1975/1976 Peter Herren
7 1976/1977 Bob Kuzma
8 1977/1978 Charles Bertelle
9 1978/1979 Ray DeLong
10 1979/1980 Tom Carmody
11 1980/1981 Eliot Blue
12 1981/1982 Lou Putre
13 1982/1983 Hank Ferraris
14 1983/1984 Pat Vitlo
15 1984/1985 Hank Ferraris
16 1985/1986 Todd Greenberg
17 1986/1987 Murrey Gottlieb
18 1987/1988 Bob Ferguson
19 1988/1989 Bob Ferguson
20 1989/1990 Ray Stelke
21 1990/1991 Paul Gengo
22 1991/1992 Charles Levine
23 1992/1993 Charles Levine
24 1993/1994 Todd Greenberg
25 1994/1995 Charles Levine
26 1995/1996 Darryl Edwards
27 1996/1997 Gerald Oakley
28 1997/1998 Judi Serraino
29 1998/1999 Brian Early
30 1999/2000 Don Matera
31 2000/2001 Dennis Klainberg
32 2001/2002 Rudolph H. Auslander
33 2002/2003 Dennis Klainberg
34 2003/2004 B.J. Duffey
35 2004/2005 Norman Bluth
36 2005/2006 Norman Bluth
37 2006/2007 Joe Morra
38 2007/2008 Joe Morra
39 2008/2009 Jules Taylor
40 2009/2010 Jules Taylor
41 2010/2011 Jesse Cromer
42 2011/2012 Jesse Cromer
43 2012/2013 Frank McIntyre
44 2013/2014 Frank McIntyre
45 2014/2015 Clorinda Antonucci
46 2015/2016 Clorinda Antonucci