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Last updated: February 28, 2020

(001) Are strollers or baby carriers/harnesses allowed in this race?
Starting with the 2013 race onward, strollers and baby carriers/harnesses are unfortunately not permitted in the race. This is due to safety’s reason as well as the airport management’s ruling. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, strollers and baby carriers/harnesses are allowed for the spectators and must stay within the spectator area.
(002) Can I use JFK Airport's AirTrain to get to the race area?
Yes, you can. See Port Authority of NY & NJ’s website for information on how to get to AirTrain from various points around the airport. Here is the direct link to an excellent AirTrain map (pdf) (If the link is broken, please let us know.)

When you are on an AirTrain, get off at Station C (Federal Circle). It is a car rental and hotel pick-up station. Walking to Building 14 is not recommended due to distance and traffic hazards. There is a bus service from Station C that will take you to the Building 14 area. The bus runs approximately every 20 minutes. So be sure to make plans accordingly and in advance.

Here is the map showing locations of Station C and Building 14. Detailed information and maps can be found on our Where We Are page.

(003) I am not exactly a professional runner or even an athlete. Can I still participate in this race?
Of course! This race is for all ages and types of people. You do not even have to run; you can power-walk or just plain walk and enjoy the unique airport scenery around you. Or, you can run at the beginning and if you tire in the middle of the race, you can always revert to walking. If you happen to feel that you must quit in the middle of the race for any reason, you can do so.

All kinds of people!
People who like to walk, the physically challenged, kids, the elderly, and more!

(004) Are wheelchairs allowed in this race?
Yes, people in wheelchairs are welcome to participate.

(005) What happens if it rains on race day?
The race will still go on! Although the race has never been canceled during its long history (since 1972), there always remains the possibility in the event of an airport emergency, such as aircraft accident or security breach, that could cause the race to be canceled. Please keep an eye on the main page of this website or join us on Twitter, Facebook, and/or our mailing list. Any new developments will be posted as soon as possible.

It was a very wet race day in 2006!

(006) What is the official measurement of the race course?
It is 3.1 miles (5 kilometers).
(007) Can family members/friends/colleagues come to watch me participate in the race? Do they have to pay the registration fee if they're not participating in the race?
Due to security, spectators are contained within an area where they can view the start/finish line. There is no charge for people who come to watch the race, including the participants’ family/friends/colleagues.

Here, you can see the spectators in spectator areas lined up
on both sides of the Start/Finish line. (From the 2011 race)

(008) Being that the race takes place on a runway, is it a completely flat 5k?
Absolutely. Please take a look at our photo gallery to see photographs of the race environment. If a single photo of the runway from a participant’s perspective is sufficient for you, here it is:

(From the 2013 race)
(009) Are dogs allowed in the race? / Can I bring my dog with me to watch the race?
We are sorry, but absolutely no dogs are allowed to be brought to the race or spectator area. JFK Airport is not conducive for walking your dog as well; in fact, it can be quite dangerous.
(010) Will we run on the actual runway this year? We didn't get a chance to run on the runway in 2010!
The 2010 race was, unfortunately, the first (and the last, so far) time in the history of running the races (over 30 years). The airport authorities canceled us from using the runway at the very last minute. It was beyond our control. There were thick volcanic ashes in the sky near Iceland, causing many airplanes to be diverted. All of the runways at JFK Airport were needed to allow these airplanes to land.

During the year 2011 and afterward, we have every intention to run on the runway unless there is a last-minute emergency/security occurrence that we are unable to forecast. Please keep an eye on this website, join our mailing list, Twitter, and/or Facebook to be informed of any new announcements.

(Since 2011, the race has consecutively taken place on the runway.)

(011) I am in a group and we would like to participate in the race. Will we get a group discount? / I'm in a runner's club. Several members and I would like to sign up for this race together. Do we get a group discount? / If you do offer group discount, what constitutes a 'group'?
Yes, we do offer group discounts. A group of 15 or more is preferred, but we will consider 12 as the minimum. This is handled on a case by case basis, so please contact us with information about your group. More information can be found on Group Discount.
(012) You say there's a bus service available that goes from the AirTrain station in the airport to Building 14. What is the name or number of the bus I should look for?
There are two or more buses (blue color) marked Port Authority. They will have a sign such as “JFK Run”, “Special Event”, or the like.  If unsure, your best bet is to ask the bus drivers to confirm whether or not their buses are for the JFK Runway Run and Building 14.
(013) What kind of prizes are there for the race participants?
Top three (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) Male and Female in each age category will receive medals. All race participants will get a t-shirt (if registered before a certain date), fruit & water, and a goodie bag. Raffles and special drawings for various items, such as airline tickets, will be held for all race participants and for those who bought the raffles. Good luck!

Medals from the 2009 and 2019 races
(Note: Medal style varies year to year.)

(014) Is there parking available for the race? If so, where and how much does it cost?
Yes, our parking lots have room for more than 1,500 vehicles on a first-come, first served basis. The parking is free. Be sure to be prepared in advance and come early.

From Where We Are page

(015) Will there be a safe place to store our bags/belongings?
Yes, we will have a truck and security at the parking lot area next to Building 14 (where you check in).

These tough-looking security folks are sure to keep your possessions safe!
(2012 and 2014, respectively)

(016) I have to leave right after the race (either planned or unexpected) and won't be able to stay for the awards ceremony. If I'm in the top three in my age category, will I still get my medal? If so, how?
Not a problem! Check the race results to see if you’ve officially won. If you have, contact us and we will send you the medal. Congratulations!
(017) Can I bring my iPod/headphones to listen to while I run/walk? / Can I wear an armband for my smartphone?
Yes, you can bring your iPod/headphones along with an armband. However, please bear in mind that we are not responsible for the well-being of any and all devices that you may have with you while you are running or walking.

For those who would like to know what an armband is, see below; the lady is wearing an armband for her smartphone on her upper arm.

(018) Can I bring my camera along with me while I participate in the event or as a spectator? What about a tripod?
(As of 2014 and onward) Unfortunately, due to the direct orders of Port Authority of NY & NJ and security, you cannot bring your camera/tripod. Only authorized personnel can. If you bring camera/tripod anyway, the security will ask you to check in the camera/tripod before you board the buses to the race’s starting line. (We have a secure holding area where you can check in your personal items. See 015 above.)
(019) I was a race participant and registered before the t-shirt deadline. You ran out of t-shirts (that are my size) at the race and you told me you would mail me a t-shirt. I never got it! Why is that? / I sent you an email with a question a few days ago but never heard from you.
We receive and deal with so many emails and requests that some of them unfortunately but not intentionally fall through the cracks. For that, we sincerely apologize and ask that you please contact us again if you have not heard from us. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
(020) Can I ride a bicycle in the race? I'll pedal slowly and I promise not to run down any runners/walkers!
No. Bicycles and any human-powered or electronic transport are not allowed, except manual wheelchairs.
(021) My child wants to participate in the event and he/she would like to bring a skateboard/hoverboard/rollerblades/roller skates/scooter/tricycle. Are any of these allowed?
No. The race is strictly for runners and walkers. Your child will have to run or walk. You can carry your child if they are unable to run or walk the entire race.
(022) Is this event on any social media? I'd like to be notified of any updates or news about it.
Yes! We are on:

Twitter: @JFKRunwayRun

Facebook: JFKRunwayRun on Facebook

We also have a mailing list for those who don’t want to use Facebook and Twitter: Our Mailing List

(023) You say that you give a discount to participants who are students. Is it applicable to college students as well?
Yes, only if you are 18 and under. While registering, please email, mail, or fax a copy of your student ID or bring the student ID with you when signing in on the race day.
(024) Something is wrong with the website (bad link, spelling error, information is incorrect, etc.)! Can you fix it?
Of course. We strive to keep the website updated and free of errors. Please contact us and let us know exactly what is wrong. If we agree, we will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you.
(025) Is the race chip-timed (timed by chip)? How soon do we see the results of the race? / I ran in another race and they didn't post the race results for a couple of weeks. So I was wondering how soon after the end of the race will we see the race results?
Yes, we issue chips with your bib number at the time of check-in. We use a timer service that posts the race results both on-site and on their website immediately after the race is over. We will post the link on this website and social media; we also will copy and archive the results to this website for convenience and for posterity.
(026) I just found out that I won't be able to attend the race and I've already registered for it! Can I get a refund?
Yes, as long as you make the refund request before the online registration deadline (see below). Please contact us with your registration information. Forwarding the email confirmation that you received from the online registration would be sufficient.

If you registered via postal mail, please let us know the name and address you used to send the mail as well the name and address that was on the check (if different from yours).

The deadline for refund requests is the same as the online registration deadline. If you missed it, your payment will become non-refundable and will be distributed to the charities.

Note: The online registration processing fee is non-refundable.

We’re sorry you’re unable to come to the race. Hopefully next year!

(027) I registered for the race and it turns out that I won't be able to make it. I do have someone who would like to take my place. It is possible to transfer my registration to another person?
Sure! If you registered via Active.com, please contact us with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your registration # (forwarding us your confirmation email is fine)
  • Relationship to the replacement (family, friend, colleague, etc.)
  • Replacement’s full name
  • Replacement’s date of birth
  • Replacement’s gender
  • Replacement’s street address, city, zip
  • Replacement’s phone number
  • Replacement’s email address
  • Replacement’s emergency contact person’s name and phone number
  • Replacement’s shirt size (if different from yours; bear in mind that, depending on when your request is made, we can’t guarantee to have a different sized shirt available)

If you registered via Elitefeats, please also contact us with a copy of your registration confirmation email. The original registration will be removed and your replacement will be provided with a code to register via Elitefeats for free in lieu of your original registration.

We hope you will be able to join us next year!

(028) Will there be mile markers at the race?
Yes, there will be a few mile markers. We usually measure the runway about an hour before the race begins.
(029) Is there any way to buy raffle tickets online? I won't be carrying cash at the race.
Currently, there is no way to purchase raffle tickets online. Besides cash, we also accept credit cards and checks at the raffle ticket pavilion. Please make the checks payable to JFK Rotary Club. Thank you and good luck!

(030) I live in Manhattan and will be using public transportation to the race. What's your recommendation for the best route?
The best way is to take a subway. Use “A” train from NYC to Howard Beach and then take AirTrain to Federal Circle.

Another way is to take a subway “E” train from NYC to Jamaica Station and then take the AirTrain to Federal Circle.

We have buses at Federal Circle (with signs that say “5K Race”, “Special Event”, or the like) that will take you to Building 14 for the race. After the race, the buses will take you back to the Federal Circle. Here is the link to the subway maps on MTA’s website. (If the link is broken, please let us know.)

(031) I saw pictures of me in your photo gallery! Can I post them on my Facebook (or any social media)?
Yes, you can! Please credit the photos to JFKRotaryClub.org. Thanks.
(032) I participated in the race, but I don't see any pictures of me in the photo gallery! I'm so disappointed. Why is that? / Why are some photographs not very good or not sharp? / Why are there more pictures of certain individuals than others in the photo gallery?
The photographers who took the pictures are volunteers and most of them are not professionals. They did their best to take clear pictures of everyone, especially at the finish line. Unfortunately, some participants may have been missed due to a variety of reasons, such as the photographer taking a brief break between shots, the shots were too blurry, or the participants were hidden behind other participants, and so on. As for there being more pictures of some individuals than others; these are either purely random or taken at the photographer’s discretion.

(As of 2014 and onward) Due to orders from Port Authority of NY & NJ (the airport’s management), we no longer permit photographers/cameras at the race. Only authorized personnel will have cameras.

(033) I was wondering if there are restrooms available at the race? If yes, where will they be?
Yes, several Port-A-Potty stalls will be available for your convenience. They will be situated at the sign-in/staging area as well as near the start/end line on the runway.

(From the 2013 and 2014 races, respectively).

(034) I'm a hobbyist/professional photographer and I would like to...

...take pictures of your race for free. I will then post the pictures on my website where your participants can select pictures and purchase them to be printed.
...take pictures of your race and give you the pictures to be posted on your website, all for free.
...take pictures of your event and post them to my social media page. All I am asking for is a nominal fee for my services.

Can I?

(As of 2014 and onward) While we truly appreciate all of the offers, we must decline. Due to several factors, including the direct orders from the Port Authority of NY & NJ and security, participants and spectators cannot bring their cameras to the race. Only authorized personnel can.

Since our event’s creation, all photographs have been taken with our own authorized staff and will continue as such. Additionally, the purpose of the race is a fundraiser for the JFK Rotary Club, not for the commercial gain of any other entities. Again, we appreciate your offer.

(035) I'm a shirt printer and would like to offer my printing services to make t-shirts for your event. Would you be interested?
We appreciate your offer, but no thank you. We have already retained a shirt printer.
(036) I will be participating in the race in a wheelchair. Are the buses (that takes us to the runway) accessible for wheelchairs? If so, what kind of access?
Yes, the Port Authority buses are accessible for wheelchairs. They are “kneeling buses” which means the buses physically lower themselves to the ground. You can then roll right into the bus.
(037) I'm planning to register for the race via post mail. Do you accept money orders as a payment?
Yes. Please make them payable to JFK Rotary Club.
(038) It will be my first time attending your race. I'm so nervous! What do I do? What can I bring?
Don’t be nervous. This is a fun event! Perhaps our Race Checklist will be of some help. If you have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ page or anywhere else on this website, you can contact us and ask. We’ll try our best to make you feel at ease. Thanks for participating and we hope your experience will be memorable!
(039) (Regarding the increased security in 2014 and onward) Can we bring smartphones/cellphones that contain built-in cameras?
Yes, you can.
(040) I registered for the race, but I noticed that I missed the deadline to be guaranteed a shirt! Is there any chance of getting a shirt?
Anything can happen. It depends on several factors, such as ordering a certain number of shirts from the shirt printer, then getting less or more participants than we expected. Generally, if we had extra shirts, they are gone on a first come, first served basis. Next time, to be absolutely guaranteed a shirt, please be sure to register before the shirt’s deadline. Thanks and good luck!
(041) (Regarding the increased security in 2014 and onward) Can I bring my fanny pack?
We’ve been informed by Port Authority of NY & NJ and the security that fanny packs are not allowed in the race. If you bring it anyway, you may be asked to put it away in a secure holding area that we will be providing (see 015 above).
(042) Will there be water stations along the race route?

From the 2013 & 2019 races respectively

(043) Do I have to bring a photo ID (identification)?
Yes, it is highly recommended that you have a photo ID on your person. The only exemptions are minors. However, you can bring their school IDs, just in case.
(044) Do I have to bring printed race confirmation?
No. However, you’re welcome to bring it along.
(045) What charities do the funds from the race go to?
The fund is distributed throughout the following charities, both past and present:

  • Airline Employees Children’s Cancer Victims
  • Aviation Student Scholarship August Martin H.S.
  • Cancer Walk-a-thon
  • Children’s Christmas Party for Special Needs Children
  • Easter Seals Walk
  • J.E.T.S. (Joining Everyone to Share)
  • JFK Christ for the World Chapel
  • JFK U.S. Customs Explorer Program
  • Lupus Foundation
  • Our Lady of the Skies
  • PALS (Patient Airlift Services)
  • Queens Boy Scout Air Explorers
  • Rotary District 7250 Veteran’s Program
  • St. Baldrick’s Cancer Fund
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center
  • Semantics
  • Student Scholarship Aviation H.S.
  • Thanksgiving Dinners for Airline Employees needy families
(046) I missed the online registration deadline! If I go to the race, can I still register in person? If so, how much?
Yes, you can still join. The cost is $40.00 for each last-minute registrant (any age).
(047) I'm a foreigner who signed up for the race. I do not have any U.S. identification. Can I use a green card or a passport as ID? / I am a UK national/resident. Can I register for the race?
Foreigners are welcome to register for the race. Please be sure to bring a green card and/or a passport. We look forward to having you at the event!
(048) Will there be an area to warm up and run a little before the race starts?
Yes. You can warm up just about anywhere within the race area. Such as, in the Building 14 after you’ve picked up your chip/bib, or near the bus stop while waiting for the bus to take you to the race, or near the start/finish line while waiting for the race to begin. Warm up well and enjoy!

(049) Which runway will we be running on? / Do you have a course map?
We don’t have a course map since it changes every year. We won’t even know which runway until a few days before the race day. The Port Authority of NY & NJ (the airport management) determines which runway to use and then they notify us. If you’re curious, feel free to ask the staff in person when you sign in. Someone will be happy to give you an answer. (Part of runway 13R was used for the 2019 race.)
(050) I would like to volunteer at your event. Who do I talk to? / My group would like to volunteer at your event. How do we go about doing it?
This is handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us with information about yourself or your group. Thank you very much. Volunteers are a big part of what makes our event a success!
(051) Will the results of the race be posted on-site? (I'm talking about at the race itself, not on the website.)
Yes, the results will be printed out as soon as the race ends and taped to a wall. At the same time, the results will be on the time-keeper’s website immediately after the race (and can be viewed on your smartphone). Additionally, the results will be posted on this website for posterity and convenience.

(From the 2014 race)
(052) I'm a traveler. My flight will land at JFK at 7:00 am on the race day and I have free time for the next several hours. Do you think I will have enough time to get to the race? It looks really fun! Also, will there be a locker or someplace nearby to put my bags in?
Bear in mind that anything can happen to delay your flight. However, if your flight does indeed land around or before 7:00 am, you should be able to make it to the race. The registration/sign-in process begins at 7:00 am and ends at 8:15 am, so you need to be there between these times.

Upon your flight’s arrival, take the AirTrain to Federal Circle and then take the bus to the race area. Complete directions can be found above (002). There is a maximum of approximately 15-20 minutes wait time for the AirTrain and for the bus (total of no more than 30-40 minutes).

There will be a secure box truck where you can check-in your possessions. (See 015 above; contains a picture of the truck and security guards.)

Good luck! We hope you make it to the race and enjoy it!

(053) Call me paranoid, but what if I (or anyone else) happen to have a medical emergency in the middle of the runway? How soon will an ambulance arrive?
Your concern is perfectly understandable and natural. Rest assured, we always have an ambulance standing by at our race every year. Therefore, the response time is expected to be very quick.

Additionally, we have a few medical clinics within the airport that are open 24/7. One of those clinics is located in Building 14, the same building where the sign-in/bib pick-up area is.

If you have a preexisting medical condition that you think we should be aware of, feel free to contact us and let us know the details. You can also inform a race coordinator in person on the race day.

You can see the ambulance, police, and security vehicles in the background
(054) I want to participate in the event, but I'm tight on time. What time does the race finish? / How often will the buses return people to Building 14? If possible, I'd like to leave as soon as I cross the finish line.
It varies every year but on average we expect the bulk of participants to be done by 11:00 am (the race usually starts at 9:00 am) and the whole event wrapped up by noon. We have an awards ceremony afterward at Building 14, but you can leave right after crossing the finish line. We hope you’ll be able to participate in the race!

The buses will leave continually as soon as they are filled with people once they finish the race. You may have to wait, but it should not take too long.

(055) I think I registered for the race, but I can't remember for sure! Can you find out for me? / I registered for the race but didn't get a confirmation email. Please advise?
Sure! First of all, can you remember how you may have registered – online or through postal mail?

If you’re sure it was done online, check your emails. You should have received a confirmation email if your registration was successful. Be sure to check your spam/junk box too. Emails sometimes end up there unexpectedly. If there’s no luck, contact us with your full name and relevant information.

If you believe you sent us a postal mail, please contact us with your full name and address also. We’ll look into it for you.

(056) I just registered online for the race. But I didn't get any information packet on where to go and what to do. Am I missing something?
Thanks for joining the race! You will not receive information automatically as everything you need to know about the race is on this website. If you have any questions or concerns, please look through this FAQ page; if your question isn’t on it, contact us. As you can see, we try our best to answer every question.
(057) What are the coordinates (longitude/latitude) for the race area?
The coordinates for the Building 14 (the sign-in location of the race) are:

40° 39.201′ N, 73° 48.435′ W

Link to Google Maps
Link to Bing Maps

(058) What is the t-shirt color going to be this year? I want to wear a matching tutu/pants/apparel.
The t-shirt color changes every year, so please contact us a few months before the race and ask. Thank you.
– 2016 race shirt: medium blue with yellow ink
– 2017 race shirt: bright orange with black ink
– 2018 race shirt: lime green with black ink
– 2019 race shirt: electric blue with black ink
(059) What is the youngest age a child can participate in the race?
Six years old (first grade) is very strongly recommended. If you want to bring a much younger child, you can, as long as you’re able to carry them if they’re not able to walk the whole race.
(060) Do you offer virtual race?
(061) I see you have a mailing list and I'd like to subscribe to it but I'm concerned about getting spam/junk email. You won't give out our email addresses, will you?
We are humans too and we abhor spam emails, so we understand your concern. We will never distribute or sell any email addresses. We do not even spam you with our emails either; we send out only news, announcements, and reminders about the race itself.
(062) I have a small runner's wallet that I clip to the front of my shorts; it holds my iPhone, a copy of my driver's license, and my apartment keys. Is that allowed?
Yes, it should be fine.
(063) Can spectators bring folding chairs or will there be chairs for them?
Folding/portable chairs are not allowed. There are chairs in and around Building 14, however, there are no chairs at the race’s location (the runway).
(064) My spouse and I signed up for the race. Our 6-year-old child is also registered. My question: must we stay with our child during the entire race?
Yes. As a safety’s precaution, one or both of you will need to be with your child and/or keep them in your line of sight at all times.
(065) Can we pick up our bibs on the day (or any days) before the race day? / Are you going to mail us our bibs?
We’re sorry, but no on both accounts. You will have to come in on the race day to sign in and pick up your bibs. Registration/sign-in/pick-up hours are 7:00am to 8:15am. The earlier you can get there, the better. Thank you.
(066) I have a small, slim fanny pack that holds just my smartphone, ID card, and tiny energy gummy bites. Can I bring it?
All fanny packs, even the slim ones, are not permitted. However, we suggest bringing it anyway and see what the security says. If they don’t approve of it, they will ask you to check it into the secure box truck (guarded by the security guards, so your possessions will be safe; see # 015).
(067) (Regarding the cold weather forecast for the race day (2018)) I suppose that at the runway, there will be waiting around and it could get very cold. If I bring a tracksuit or a warm jacket, would I be able to leave it near the start/finish line just before the start of the race? I can then pick it up at the end of the race (at my own risk that it could get stolen). Is that allowed or not allowed?
After the bus drop-off at the race starting area, there won’t be any provisions to store any items or clothing.

All items and clothing not needed for the race should be stored in the secure holding area near Building 14 before you board the buses to the starting area. (See # 015.) The reason is due to airport security.

We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you understand. Thank you.

(068) For the virtual run, there's only a shirt and no medal sent? How do I report my time?
That’s right, just the t-shirt. No need to report your time; the medals are for those who participate in the race in person.
(069) (This question was asked in September) I know it's probably too early, but when do you think you'll let us know about the date for next year's race?
We usually get the confirmation of the race date from Port Authority of NY & NJ (the airport management) in November or December. Just be sure to be on any of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, or mailing list). We announce the date as soon as it’s confirmed.
(070) My husband, son, and I will be driving in from upstate NY and it will be our first time. I'll be running in the race while my husband and son cheer me on. I was wondering, do spectators get free t-shirts? If not, is there a way for them to get t-shirts? We'd love to have them as mementos.
The t-shirts are only for people who actually run or walk in the race. However, your husband and son can register normally and still get t-shirts. They don’t have to run/walk. You can pick up the shirts when you sign in. The funds from their registrations will go to our charities. (Thank you, we appreciate it.)

Additionally, if you have relatives or friends who can’t attend in person but still want to get t-shirts, they can register as a Virtual Runner.

Just be sure to have them register before the t-shirt’s deadline.

(071) I would like to carry a U.S. flag in the race. Is it allowed?
Generally, yes, but please let us know. It depends on several factors such as the flag’s size, how it will be carried, and so on. If you do bring it, please bear in mind that the airport’s security renders the final decision on whether or not your flag is permitted in the race. Thank you.
(072) What materials are the shirts made of?
Either cotton or dry-fit/Dri-Fit (polyester). If you need to know for sure, you’re welcome to ask us a few months before the race date and we’ll get the information from the shirt printer for you. (The shirts since 2017 were Dri-Fit.)
(073) Several of my co-workers and I are planning on walking in the race. Long explanation short, our company doesn't allow us to print PDF files from outside sources through websites or email. Do you have the application form in a format other than PDF, such as JPG?
Yes, we can provide the application form in JPG format. Please contact us with a request and we’ll send it to you and/or work out a way for you to receive the form.
(074) My company will be a sponsor of the race. Does the sponsorship entitle our employees to participate in the race for free?
It is dependent on the type of sponsorship plan you chose. Please review the information on the sponsorship form or contact us. Thank you very much for your sponsorship!
(075) My organization is interested in becoming a sponsor. We were wondering if we could set up a table to distribute our material and/or set up a tent?
Certainly. A table can be provided to you. Or, if preferred, you can bring your own table. As for the tent, yes, a pop-up tent would work. Please contact us with your plans.
(076) I'm involved with a small airport and we're very interested in doing a fundraising race inside our airport's fencing, using your race as an inspiration. What is involved in setting up an airport race?
We have received many questions about setting up a race within an airport. The answers are not only long but varied depending on the airport’s size and other specifications. At the very least, you will need to get the airport’s management, FAA and TSA involved with the race. Also, you may need to purchase an insurance policy to cover your organization and participants.

You can contact us with specific questions and we’d be happy to provide answers. Thank you and good luck!

(077) I don't trust third parties like the online registrations and I don't want to mail in my registration form either. Would it be possible for me to scan my registration form and email it directly to you?
Absolutely. Email the completed form to us at info(at)jfkrotaryclub(dot)org. Thanks.
(078) May I bring my seatless unicycle and ride it at the race?
We’re sorry, no. Unicycles or any wheeled transport are not allowed, except wheelchairs. (See questions #20 and #21)
(079) Two weeks ago, I registered for the race and found out I couldn't make it. So I asked you to cancel and refund the registration which you did. Now I find out that I can make the race after all. Can my registration be reinstated? Or do I have to re-register all over again?
Once your registration has been canceled and refunded, it cannot be reinstated. You will have to register again. You can contact us to double-check your registration status. Thank you. We’re glad you can attend our event!
(080) I've never done this race before. Are there planes nearby to the extent that jet exhaust is an issue for runners? I just don't want to be sucking in exhaust fumes as I'm crushing it!
Excellent question! We’ve been doing this race for over 40 years and to our knowledge have never encountered any problems with jet exhausts. Safety is our top priority. Active airplanes are at far enough distance as not to interfere with or endanger our race attendees. You’ll be fine. 🙂
(081) I see you have two online registrations. Common sense tells me to register on only one. Right? I just wanted to be sure. / Why do you have two online registrations?
That’s correct, choose just one online registration.

The reason we have two online registrations is that when we started doing the event many years ago, we used Active.com. Active.com has been around for a long time and is popular among serious runners. We recently teamed up with Elitefeats.com who is our timekeeper and they have their own online registration. To make things convenient for our participants and to give them a choice, we decided to offer both online registrations.

(082) Great event! When I picked up my shirt, I put it away in my bag. I got home and noticed that you had given me the wrong size. I'm sorry, I know I should've checked. Is there a way for me to get the right size shirt or switch the shirts or something? / When I registered, I picked Medium for my shirt size. When I tried it on, it was way too big for me and I need a Small shirt. Is there a way to switch shirts? I'm willing to pay for the shipping costs. / I love the shirt color & design. I would like to get more to give to my family and friends. Can I buy some and how much are they?
First of all, if we gave you the wrong shirt size, we apologize. It is best to check your shirt size when you pick them up so that you can bring it to our attention on-site.

To send you a replacement shirt, this is dependent on whether or not we have any extra shirts with your size. As such, this is on a first-come, first-served and case by case basis. Please contact us with your request. Thank you very much for the kind compliments on our shirts!

(083) I found a really great picture of myself in your photo gallery. I would love to print it out. I was wondering if you have a larger version of it? Can I have it? Do you have someone who can airbrush out some stuff in the background?
Some pictures are cropped while others are resized so we may or may not have the originals. Let us know exactly which picture you’re referring to and we’ll see what we can do. We do know a graphic artist who may be able to assist you regarding the background. We’re glad you like your picture very much!
(084) (2018) Please help. My husband came home with the race shirt from your event. He had cut off the tag & threw it away. I'm afraid to wash such a nice shirt without the laundry instructions. I know it's not cotton. Can you find out the info for me? Thanks so much. My husband was gushing about the race. He's going again next year & I'll be joining him!
Not a problem! We know how annoying and itchy those tags can be. For shirts since 2017 which are the Dri-Fit type and are made of 100% polyester, here’s how to wash them:

  • Wash at or below 30°C / 86°F (“Cold” setting)
  • Non-chlorine bleach if needed
  • Tumble dry, low temperature
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

See you next year!

(085) Do you recommend earplugs? How close are the other runways?
Earplugs are not necessary as it’s not that noisy. However, as the earplugs are small and easy to carry, you’re welcome to bring them. Active airplanes are at far enough distance as not to interfere with or endanger our race attendees in terms of the noise level. (This is similar to question #80.)
(086) How's the cell reception out on the race site? I need to stream music while I’m running to keep going!
It depends on what service and plan you are using. As such, we, cannot give you a definite answer. Please check your service’s coverage. Most services/networks such as Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. have a webpage that shows their coverage; some also show the coverage’s reception strength. Below is an actual example of cell coverage found on T-Mobile’s website as of April 2019. The pin is where Building 14 is:

We suggest saving some music on your smartphone to be played offline in the event that the reception is spotty. Happy listening and running!

(087) Wow this looks like an amazing event....I wanted to go but had a conflicting schedule. I plan to join next year!! I have some questions if you don't mind....how long is the course? If I decide to just walk, how long would it take me? Also....I'm curious, what is the fastest time ever?
It being a 5k event, the course is 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles long. Each person’s walking mileage may vary (pun intended) but on average, a leisurely uninterrupted walk would take about 20 minutes per mile, or one hour for 3.1 miles. Add a few minutes if you stop and pose in front of a parked airplane that’s usually at the halfway point! 🙂

As for the fastest time, we started keeping records in 2003 so the fastest since then are:

Male: 15:19, Nacho Hernando (2017)
Female: 17:44, Meg Ryan (2017)

We’re looking forward to having you join us next year!