Update to the Calendar of Events

Hello again! This is a very important update to the calendar of events. I’m not posting to the airport events calendar because this is strictly for Rotarians. I will post it to this website (www.jfkrotaryclub.org) and our FaceBook page, @JFKAirportRotary. All Rotarians are invited. You must pre-pay for the event and then will be reimbursed by the District. It really is a wonderful day spent with fellow Rotarians. Please try to attend.

The Rotary Leadership Institute (“RLI”) is coming back to Long Island at Melville on Saturday, October 26, 2019. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

This is the best Rotary education available, for both new and “seasoned” Rotarians. District Governor Justin Quaranta feels so strongly that this is so, that he included sufficient money in the district budget to reimburse every member who attends (so long as you stay for the whole day).

Just go to the RLI web page (www.rlinea.org), choose “Melville” in the column on the left (click on “More Info”), and click through to register. You must lay out the registration fee. Reimbursement will come after the event. To be entitled to reimbursement, you will need to take and complete the program. Time and location information is on the RLI webpage as well.

We will be offering Parts I, II & III, as well as the Graduate Program. And, if there is sufficient interest, we will have RLI Faculty Training for those interested. (PDG or prior Part III completion and DG’s recommendation is required to take the faculty training). For now, prospective new faculty members should register for the faculty training program – with the understanding that the section could be canceled by RLI if insufficient people sign up. Hopefully, we’ll have enough to run the course!

Hope to see you all there……

(PS – If you are a somewhat new Rotarian, you may find that you can’t register because the RLI database doesn’t have you listed. If that happens, call or email David Ardam at either 631-670-7040 or DavidArdam@msn.com, and we’ll get you set up so that you can sign in and register. The RLI database is only accurate up to a point as it uses a database separate from our Rotary district. Sorry for any inconvenience if this affects you – but we WILL get you registered!)

David & George

David M. Ardam, Past District Governor
Rotary International District 7255

George Rehn, Past District Governor
Rotary International District 7255

District Co-Chairs, Rotary Leadership Institute

E-Mail: DavidArdam@msn.com